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The ISISnet Editorial Process


Step-1 Editorial Review

A new manuscript submitted to journal is addressed to Managing editor of the journal who along with editorial team perform a through editorial review (pre check) of submission using a specially designed IN-HOUSE EDITORIAL REVIEW FORM. Around 23 quality check point are considered during in-house editorial review & pre checking process and decision is made within 24-48h. 

During Editorial Review & pre-check we assess:

1. The suitability of the submission with respect to the scope of the journal,

2. The overall scientific soundness of the manuscript, including the relevance of the references and the correctness of the applied methodology.
3. Standards of rigor to qualify for further review.

Editors can decide to:

1. Reject the manuscript,

2. Request authors a revisions before peer-review,

3. Or continue with the peer-review process and recommend suitable reviewers.

If a paper clears all editorial check points, Managing Editor of the journal forward it to Associate Editor for proceeding it for Peer review process.


Step-2 Peer Review (Double Blind Peer Review Policy)
From submission to final decision or publication, one dedicated ISISnet staff member (managing editor) coordinates the review process and serves as the main point of contact for authors, academic or associate editors and reviewers.

The Handling/Associate Editor oversees the review process in consultation with an Associate editor. Manuscripts are reviewed by two independent experts/reviewers in the particular area using Double Blind Peer Review Policy which means the identity of both the author and reviewer is kept hidden. Peer Review is performed using a specially designed PEER REVIEW FORM. Around 21 quality check point are considered during peer review process . 

The reviewers will make a scientific assessment and suggests improvements, and recommends accepting or declining the paper. If the reviewers disagree, the paper may be sent to a third reviewer at the discretion of the Handling-Editor. When the Handling-Editor reach to a decision to accept, accept with revision or reject a manuscript on the bases of reviewer’s comments, he will consult to the Editor-in-chief for final decision and approval. Authors are encouraged to suggest appropriate reviewers in their field. Reviewers' comments are usually provided to authors.

Step-3 Decision
A decision letter will be emailed to the corresponding author once the Hndling-editor and Editor-in-chief have made final decision.
If the manuscript is accepted without revision, the editorial office will contact the corresponding author if additional files/documents are needed.
If the manuscript is accepted pending revisions, the manuscript along with the reviewer’s comments is e-mailed to the corresponding author. The corresponding author will have to send the revised manuscript (according to reviewers suggestion) within two weeks after the decision letter is sent.
If the manuscript is declined, the resubmission must be submitted again and will be handled like a new manuscript. A resubmission must be noted as such with its previous tracking number.
A manuscript that is excellent but requires extensive revision will, as a matter of policy, be declined.

Author Appeals
Authors may appeal a rejection by sending an e-mail to the Editorial Office of the journal. The appeal must provide a detailed justification, including point-by-point responses to the reviewers' and/or Editor's comments. Appeals can only be submitted following a “reject and decline resubmission” decision and should be submitted within three months from the decision date.

Step-4 Production
Page Proofs will be supplied once only in the form of page proofs. Submitted manuscripts must be considered as final texts to which no changes should be made at the proof stage apart from correction to printer's errors. The managing editor will send the page proofs to the author by e-mail as PDF file. Proofs must be returned to the publishers by e-mail within 48 hours of receipt. If you return proofs even a few days after the date stipulated, it might be too late to include your correction in the final version of the journal.

 Our in-house teams perform production on all manuscripts, including language editing, copy editing, and conversion to PDF or XML

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